Radiology is the medical specialty devoted to creating images of the inside of the human body. To do this, radiologists uses a variety of energy sources, including x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, and nuclear. 

Unlike doctors who look inside the body with scopes and actually see internal structures, such as the stomach or the colon, radiologists use high-tech equipment to look into the body indirectly, in black and white. The goal of radiology is to detect internal problems, causing little harm and pain, before the condition becomes too serious.

Radiology, which began as a fascinating medical curiosity after the discovery of x-rays by Roentgen at the end of the 19th century, has exploded into an ever-expanding box of tools for "dismantling" the human body while it remains intact.


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Hard Copy Device

Each DRYSTAR imager comes with Agfa HealthCare’s Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology enhanced with A#Sharp for consistently sharp images and benefits from: Simple mechanism that makes it compact and highly reliable, Solid state imaging that ensures long life and controlled, consistent image quality, Total daylight film handling for ease of use, High throughput and the shortest image access time for the most efficient workflow, Full flexibility of all media trays, DICOM and the Paxport gateway for full integration and networking. Excellent price/performance ratio.

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Computed Radiography

Computed Radiography (CR) system for digital radiography image processing using photostimulable phosphor plate technology in the early acquisition of imaging data. Ballinger (1999) Computed radiography is a digital technology that supports the development of computer-based information systems and processing,. Radiographs will be formatted produced CR in digital form that can be manipulated to get the maximum results (Ballinger, 1999). Basically the same computed radiography with conventional radiography imaging receptor difference is used is to use the CR plate is coated with a phosphor imaging plate Photostimulable Intensifying scereen replace conventional radiographic film, imaging plate has a high sensitivity and good resolution. (Chesney, 1995).

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