Agfa HealthCare and partner Khalil Fattal & Fils, win a digital imaging contract for newly opened “Beirut Medical Center - Saint Antoine de Padoue” Imaging Center in Lebanon.

The agreement includes a floor mounted scalable direct radiography system and CR 10-X tabletop digitizer with full leg/full spine option.

  • Press release
  • Mortsel, Belgium
  • August 14, 2014 4:00 PM CET

The clinic chose the Agfa HealthCare solution for its superb image quality, dose reduction and after-sales service. • Contract paves the way for future agreements between Beirut Medical Centre - Saint Antoine de Padoue”, Agfa HealthCare and Khalil Fattal & Fils.

Agfa HealthCare announces that, together with its Partner; Khalil Fattal & Fils, has implemented its DX-D 400 and CR 10-X digital radiography systems at Beirut Medical Centre - Saint Antoine de Padoue in Beirut - Lebanon. This new medical center is in Achrafieh district of the city. The Agfa HealthCare solution was chosen for its high image quality and potential dose reduction, as well as the after sales service.


Scalable and versatile digital imaging systems

Agfa HealthCare’s direct radiography (DR) system is a scalable, robust, floor-mounted radiography system offering flexible configurations and options, including the highest quality CsI DR detectors.

Agfa HealthCare’s tabletop CR 10-X digitizer can handle a broad range of digital radiography applications. The clinic’s solution includes a full leg/full spine application as well, where up to three images are automatically stitched together to create accurate full leg or full spine images.

Like all of Agfa HealthCare’s digital radiography solutions, its floor mounted DR system and CR 10-X come with Agfa HealthCare’s gold-standard MUSICA workstation and image processing software. The workstation provides very fast image acquisition and a smooth workflow, while the image processing software analyzes each image and automatically applies the appropriate image enhancement parameters independent of the exam type, providing consistently high image quality.


No compromises image quality

“We needed a solution that would give us very high image and detector quality, with the potential for patient X-ray dose reduction, at the right price-quality ratio,” comments Dr. Tanios Habis of Beirut Medical Centre - Saint Antoine de Padoue. “Agfa HealthCare and Khalil Fattal & Fils worked hard to find the right solution for us.”

He continues, “This ‘success story’ was very important to me, as we are opening a new medical center, and the relationships are all about ethics. It means a lot that I can trust both the product and the company, and I look forward to building on this relationship in the future.”

“This project with Beirut Medical Center - Saint Antoine de Padoue represents a new market for Agfa HealthCare’s proven digital radiography solutions,” says Rabih Samra; Brand Manager of Agfa HealthCare. “Thanks to our excellent relationship with AGFA HealthCare, we can use our complete portfolio of imaging solutions to meet the specific needs within this important market.”

“Agfa HealthCare has excellent experience in imaging and X-ray, with affordable and compact solutions that don’t compromise on image quality. We are pleased to work with them to bring their solutions to customers here,” comments Rabih Samra.