High Frequency X-ray System RFM-525 HF

Designed for flexibility and friendly use in all general radiographic procedures, enhances productivity, user operability, patient comfort and safety.

This enhanced flexibility is ideal for imaging centers that demand high productivity to meet fast patient throughput.

The compact, space-saving high voltage generator provides more working space as well as a flexible layout.



  • Full accessibility around the patient
  • High speed spot film device 
  • Smooth and silent operation for patients convenience
  • Ergonomic control desk
  • Modular
  • User friendly
  • Reliable
  • Digital ready

System Component

  • Control Unit (RG-525HF)
  • HV Trans (RG-525HT)
  • X-Ray Tube (E7239X)
  • Tube Stand
  • Bucky Table (4-Way)
  • Bucky Stand
  • Collimator
  • HV Cable



  • Floating-top general radiographic table for Bucky radiography
  • Good images can be acquired by our own oscillation Bucky grid system
  • Electro-magnetic lock with permanent magnet provides easy moving and safe operation
  • Bucky table can easily lift up to 150kg
  • Cassetes from 14" x 17" to 6,5" x 8,5" in size are useable

Bucky Table with 4-way floating table top

  • Four way movable table top for easy and fast and quick patient positioning.
  • The material of the table top is a high-impact melamine plate which is designed for heavy-duty purpose.
  • The smooth movement of large floating table top
  • Electromagnetic locks for precise positioning and patient safety.




Ultra-High Output technology

  • Max. 40KW/50KW output by innovation

Unparalleled Hogh Efficiency

  • Main Line Impedance and Power Consumption are reduced
  • Cutting-edge Converter technology through highly developed electronics complement
  • Highly developed electronics complement the most up-to-sate-converter technology

Easy Installation


  • High capacity and stable output of X-Rays
  • Error check system with fast detection
  • Precise mA and kVp feedback control
  • maximum 500 anatomical parts views for optimal radiography
  • User-friendly operation console and data display