DRYSTAR AXYS Agfa Healthcare

Small footprint, enormous potential

DRYSTAR AXYS offers a great range of possibilities, despite its compact size. It can be used in both centralized workflows and with dedicated applications. Fitting a full range of applications, it also features daylight handling for the two on-line media trays, with five media sizes and three different media types available. The imager thus offers enhanced flexibility and convenience, and the ability to use multiple media sizes makes the DRYSTAR AXYS suitable for all applications. In addition, its ultra-short access time for the first five prints, as well as its efficient throughput, provide increased productivity.

Direct Digital Imaging: 
More reliability, for more availability

As with all of Agfa HealthCare’s DRYSTAR family of imagers, DRYSTAR AXYS features Direct Digital Imaging (DDI). This solid-state technology avoids the use of complex optical components, for an imager that is more reliable and durable by design. In addition, DRYSTAR AXYS is ecological and user-friendly, requiring no wet processing, darkroom, complicated adjustments or cleaning procedures. Environmentally-harmful chemicals, waste handling and disposal costs are things of the past.

High-quality mammography images from a table-top imager

With DRYSTAR AXYS, the mammography department can enjoy all the convenience of a table-top, digital imager. Its high resolution of 508 dpi perfectly matches the 50 µ
modality resolution, without interpolations. The result is the superior image quality required for diagnostic mammography images. Yet the DRYSTAR AXYS offers the same reliability, affordability and convenient size of all the Agfa HealthCare DRYSTAR table-top imagers.

The right fit for both centralized and dedicated environments

DRYSTAR AXYS is the right solution for both smaller facilities with limited space and lower patient volume, and larger facilities with many departments. As a centralized imager, it supports a wide range of applications, including CT, MR, DSA and US, as well as CR/DR applications for GenRad, Mammography, Orthopaedics, Dentistry, etc. Equally, its compact design makes it the ideal dedicated departmental imager: for example, for the digital mammography department.

Easy connectivity for maximum flexibility

DRYSTAR AXYS is a DICOM®-native imager, which makes network connectivity easy. For point-to-point connection with non-DICOM modalities, DRYSTAR AXYS can be used with Agfa’s LINX™ Paxport.

A#Sharp: Enhancing imaging quality

As part of our continual drive to provide you with excellent image quality, our award winning Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology has been enhanced to include A#Sharp technology. This technology intensifies imaging capability, enabling DDI to provide sharper image quality across all applications.