CR DX-M Digitizer Agfa Healthcare

Enables use of existing mammography systems
DX-M’s needle-based technology delivers the high image quality demanded for mammography studies. Its mammographydedicated needle-based detector is compatible with existing mammography modalities, allowing you to continue to use your existing mammography X-ray systems. With no additional costly expenditure, your facility can move smoothly from having analog to digital mammography capabilities.

Supports both needle-based detectors and standard phosphor plates
A first in the world of CR, the DX-M supports both needle-based detectors and standard phosphor plates. The needle-based detectors with their higher Detective Quantum Efficiency [DQE] offer a combination of high image quality and the potential for reduction in a patient’s X-ray dose.

Tissue images up to the chest wall
The dedicated mammography detectors, which come in sizes of 18cms x 24cms and 24cms x 30cms, enable imaging of tissue right up to the chest wall.

Harnessing our extensive mammography expertise
Mammography has always been at the heart of the Agfa HealthCare solutions portfolio. With the DX-M, you have the confidence of knowing that we are combining our extensive experience and skills in this specialist area, with the same proven technologies that have already helped Agfa HealthCare General Radiology customers make the transition from analog to digital.

Places you closer to your patient
In pediatrics and mammography, the DX-M’s cassette-based workflow makes it both effective and efficient. The cassettes allow easy positioning of your patient – a major advantage when working with children – and makes the system ideal for portable applications, such as in neonatal intensive care.

Maximizes productivity across all applications

Comprising the very best components from already proven ground-breaking CR solutions, the DX-M is the culmination of years of Agfa HealthCare R&D technologies. By building upon this excellence, the DX-M is driving the future of CR imaging.

Supports General Radiology, including Full Leg Full Spine, extremities, neonatal and pediatric applications
As yet another Agfa HealthCare innovation in imaging, the DX-M supports all General Radiology applications, including Full Leg Full Spine, extremities, neonatal and pediatrics. Its use of needle-based detectors provides the highest possible image quality while offering the potential for significant dose reduction.

Facilitates a seamlessly networked integrated digital workflow
Designed to enable you to achieve a seamlessly networked integrated digital workflow – from patient registration on the RIS to final display of softcopy or hardcopy images – the DX-M uses well defined DICOM protocols for all steps in the digital workflow.