CR 30Xm Digitizer Agfa Healthcare

A compact, single slot, table-top digitizer that handles both digital mammography and general radiography applications. One that meets the high level quality demanded for digital mammography and delivers a solution that facilitates the change from analog to digital in a fast and a cost-efficient way. That is the CR 30-Xm from Agfa HealthCare

A mixed-use solution comprising a single plate digitizer, the CR 30-Xm is designed to address your digital mammography and general radiography needs in a single digitizer.

Affordable, compact and table top, with a horizontal cassette insertion that prevents dust and dirt being introduced into the system, the CR 30-Xm makes digital imaging highly accessible to smaller hospitals, small practices and facilities making the move from analog to digital.

By combining the high image quality and high throughput achieved through CR plates and cassettes, Agfa HealthCare’s MUSICA2 image processing software and NX workstation and with the low total cost of ownership, the CR 30-Xm is an ideal entry to a digital world that combines digital mammography and general radiography.

Mixed use capabilities for digital mammography and general radiography

Suitable for digital mammography and all general radiography including full leg full spine studies - the CR 30-Xm’s multi-application capabilities enable this single solution to deliver maximum study types. This makes it highly versatile and cost-effective.

High quality combined with high throughput

By scanning the large cassette at the full width of 43 cm (17 inches), the CR 30-Xm combines high quality with high throughput. Add to this its support for all popular cassette formats, including mammography and panoramic dental, and you achieve reliable, high quality image capture.

Ensures a continuous digital workflow

The CR 30-Xm’s use of the NX’s intuitive user-friendly interface, its heavy duty imaging rate of 60 full size (35 x 43 cm) plates per hour, and its single slot insertion, enable you to concentrate on image analysis and your patients. The fast preview facility on the examination window of the NX workstation, which begins shortly after a cassette is dropped into the buffer, allows the correct positioning and exposure to be determined as the final image is being
completed. This results in a continuous, optimized digital workflow.

Compact and mobile

The CR 30-Xm’s small table top footprint and horizontal cassette insertion makes it ideal for space restricted areas. With additional fitments, it can be integrated easily as a mobile unit into vans, trucks or other mobile facilities. The CR 30-Xm also comes with the optional all-in-one cart, to keep it within easy reach, maximize the available space and facilitate transportation.